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 "One of the most mysterious and beautiful things we can experience is art. That said, the art in which I'm married to and completely obsessed with is Music.” MS-

Matthew Stewart is an acclaimed Recording/Touring/Songwriter/Producer based in San Francisco California originally from Jacksonville, Florida.

With thousands of records sold, North American/European tours under his belt and constantly surrounding himself with incredible people in music (most recently working with legendary Producer Joe Chiccarelli, Beck, Jack White, U2, Jason Mraz, The Shins etc) Matthew Stewart is just starting to hit his stride as an artist.  Or as he puts it-

"Music is everything to me.  It's what I wake up thinking about, it's around during the day and it's certainly around at night, It's like a mosquito that doesn't bite."  He goes on to say: 

"I've been involved in music ever since I can remember to some degree, but it wasn't until recently that I'm starting to shape songs the way I'd like to hear them and write the kind of music I’d like to listen to.”  

He goes on: "My last album (Sex Was Gold) was the beginning for me where I was really proud of the final outcome of what we did.  This new EP (Moving On) is some of the best work I’ve ever produced and I'm very excited to see how people receive this new music. It’s starting to go into a new direction for me musically and production wise. The production sort of gives the song a character you could say and I have a lot of characters in my head.” He laughs, then adds.. "The songs are then transformed this way, the production creates the setting and the song tells the story, ideally you want them both to compliment each other.

Matthew is touring nationally/internationally 2019 in support of his new EP "Moving On” released 3/11/19. Recorded and produced in the SF Bay Area and available wherever you listen to music online.

His music can frequently be heard in Radio/Television and continues to perform in some of the most esteemed concert venues throughout North America and Europe developing a loyal local and international following.